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Which of these two energy drinks do you like more?

Reign or Bang? I_vote_lcap50%Reign or Bang? I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Reign or Bang? I_vote_lcap50%Reign or Bang? I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Reign or Bang? Empty Reign or Bang?

Post by TGOD1991 Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:59 am

Which do you prefer, they are dangerous if you do drink them. Only drink 1 a day. I made the mistake multiple drink more than 1 ( only had 2 max) and I feel like poop. Head hurts, chest hurts. Too much caffeine intake for a single individual.

I drink more bangs for the fact the gas station in walking distance only carries those. However, I think Reign has better flavor selection.

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Reign or Bang? YP5zkAJ

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Reign or Bang? Empty Re: Reign or Bang?

Post by i Kelly Sat Jan 30, 2021 7:15 am

I love energy drinks. Between Reign and Bang, I typically go for Reign. Fun fact -- did you know that Reign is owned by Monster and was designed to be a 'sugar free workout' drink?

My order for energy drinks goes like this, though:

Sneak Energy > Monster > Reign > Bang > C4 > Red Bull

There are one or two energy drinks that you can score from convenience stores around me that are okay, but unless I'm craving them, that's my typical order. My all time favorite Monster is Ultra Watermelon!

Also, I found Sneak Energy recently from a Facebook ad and gave it a shot. It's a vitamin and amino acid supplement that's sweetened by sweetener instead of sugar that also provides a good boost of energy/caffeine.

I love it. It doesn't make me jittery and wakes me up pretty quickly (I'd reckon it's from the vitamins/amino acids). I also like the fact that the base is water (it's a powder you mix into X amount of water and shake up) so I can comfortably add it to my water count on my fitness app Razz

What is your favorite energy drink flavor?
i Kelly
i Kelly

Reign or Bang? YP5zkAJ

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