Reinhold Reich´s (rere7676) road to annex Runescape

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Reinhold Reich´s (rere7676) road to annex Runescape Empty Reinhold Reich´s (rere7676) road to annex Runescape

Post by Reinhold Reich Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:33 pm

Hello fellow Runescapers!

First of all, i had a strange week, downloading once a fake client that got my account stolen for a couple of minutes and yesterday i got scamtraded by about 1,1milion coins..

So here is my first and biggest goal in all of my future plays. ONLY BUY FROM GE, TRUST NOONE, ANARCHY IT IS, ASK THE CC BEFORE ACTING LIKE A FOOL REINHOLD!

But apart from that, i realy like questing and i would love to get a couple of quests in the near future, one of them beeing, Lunar Diplomacy, Monkey Madness I, Thrones of Miscallenia (or something like that) and Desert treasure.
Theese seem to be good quests with good rewards and why not right?

Also i would like to train my ranged and magic (right now at 60 and 54) up to a higher level to be able to fight monsters that i can not fight melee without big effort. Maybe 75-80 for ranged as a realistic first goal, and 65 for magic, since its a more expenssive and i do not use it alot.

Also i would like to get enough coins to afford a abysal dagger in the future. Im doing not to bad for a noob at gathering some coins i think.
melee combat is by far my favorite and i think its a great way to train alot strenght.

and for the other skills and minor items, i would like to have a base stat of level 40 as a start. there are plenty beeing below which i dislike.
farming, runecrafting and hunter are probably the hardest for me to get my bu*t into thoose. i also only got one more item left for the last gracefull set part which should be duable.

thanks for reading my very boring goals with bad english.
i wish you all the best for the future in- and outside runescape
many greetings
your Reinhold Reich
Reinhold Reich

Reinhold Reich´s (rere7676) road to annex Runescape OUwuWDK

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Reinhold Reich´s (rere7676) road to annex Runescape Empty Re: Reinhold Reich´s (rere7676) road to annex Runescape

Post by Pidalu Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:23 pm

Excellent goals mate, looking forward to seeing the progress you make!

Dein Englisch ist besser als mein Deutsch!!!

Reinhold Reich´s (rere7676) road to annex Runescape U7euiv5

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