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Post by God Baws / Gmzy Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:22 pm

Hello fellas! My name's David and I'm from Sweden.
I'm 23 year old and I am currently not working, Just sitting home playing Oldschool most of the time!
I am a currently a maxed account main 2277 total with aprox 670m EXP.
I have played runescape since I was in like 4th grade, I've always loved the game and that's probably why I can not quit.
I recently got myself a PC again after being without one for over a year. It was a pain, but I could not afford it at the time.
Hope to see and talk to all of you in the clan chat and hopefully do some events with you guys.
I'm open for anything at the moment. I'm currently on a rebuild, was going to make a series from scratch but lost all of my recordings and now at almost a 50m bank.
Would love to learn raids 1 as I haven't really done it throughout my time of gaming.
See you all in-game, have a good one!

/God Baws
God Baws / Gmzy
God Baws / Gmzy

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Post by Syllabic Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:43 pm

Welcome to the CC officially, other David Smile Lots of Swedes in here, seemingly. Glad to have you!

That account is super impressive, man. You must enjoy Hunter and Thieving a whole lot more than I do. Which is a shame, because those are two of my favourite skillscapes. Ah well, maybe some day.

Congrats on being able to play again! I'd probably be pretty dang bored if I didn't have a gaming-capable PC. Seems to take up a good bit of my free time these days. I totally get not being able to justify the cost, though. I'm sort of there myself, at the moment.

Sorry to hear that you lost your recordings. Sounds like it would have made for a good series. If you're still interesting in documenting things, I'm sure people on here would appreciate it if you posted your progress from time to time!

Finally, if you're interested in learning raids, @Lucido takes learners out now and again. He might be a good person to get in contact with Smile

Even if you're not interested in rank for rank's sake, having a Smiley is useful. Makes it so you're less likely to get kicked when the CC fills up. You can post your RSN here if you're interested: https://www.osrsadvice.com/t3741p260-looking-for-a-smiley#52392

That's all for now, seeing as you're in the Discord already. Don't be a stranger!

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Post by ValKerynth Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:50 pm

Hey David, welcome to the clan!! That's very impressive Shocked I have always wanted a maxed account. Here's hoping I'll be able to follow in your footsteps and max Val one day. Cheers Ash

God Baws Introduction YP5zkAJ

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Post by Cownuggets Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:39 am

Welcome mi Brudda

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Post by Gisrithe Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:48 pm

Damn man, I feel like I will never find enough time to max. Let alone reach a single level 99! haha. Your account is very impressive. welcome buddy

time to do it all again on an UIM?

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