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UWU, I am d0wOb Empty UWU, I am d0wOb

Post by d0wOb Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:59 pm

Hi, I am d0wOb. I am new to the CC.
I am furry an animal lover. I like animal. Especially fluffy one.
beaver man aka snutri tell me about this cc and i love it.
I usually been known as the Cheapscape guy or the herb cleaning/unf potion guy.
That's all -UWU-

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UWU, I am d0wOb Empty Re: UWU, I am d0wOb

Post by Megnificent Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:40 pm

Welcome to the clan D0wOb, you'll find plenty of animal lovers here Smile

If you want a smiley rank in our cc make sure you put your rsn down in this thread: https://www.osrsadvice.com/t3741p180-looking-for-a-smiley

Also if you use discord, we also have an active one, one of our channels is a pet lovers channel where we post all our furbabies, feel free to join if you use it Smile https://discord.gg/rt23Yr3

UWU, I am d0wOb YP5zkAJ

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UWU, I am d0wOb Empty Re: UWU, I am d0wOb

Post by Syllabic Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:11 pm

They're ahead of you on the Discord stuff, but good looking out @Megnificent Smile

Hey there, Mister Totally Not A Furry, thanks for signing up Wink

Talked a bit on Discord, and I think I caught you on the Minecraft server once or twice. You seem pretty cool to me! I'm also a massive cheapskate when it comes to RS, so it sounds like we'll get along just fine.

See you around!

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