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Post by Kenopsia (Rate my Feet) Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:13 pm


I am a returning player. I played a lot before EOC, and quit shortly after. I am returning to OSRS (now 1 month in) as a way of keeping myself busy in my down time during classes.

A bit about me: I am 30 days out from graduating with a degree in biochemistry and will be starting medical school in July. I have a wife and kids, and am a non-traditional student. I typically don't get much enjoyment out of the social stuff going on on campus, as I'm older than most of the students by 5ish years and have a family. I came back to RuneScape because many of the skills can be afked while I study and it is a nice, simple way to break up the monotony of studying.

I find the clan's claim to maturity and community attractive. I tried another clan prior to this and almost immediately was turned off by constant in-fighting and name calling (though it is funny reading the back and forth threats of physical abuse through a game).

At any rate, I enjoy helping others and am more than a little obsessed with wikis. My obsessive/neurotic nature lends itself well to video games as I tend to research every endeavor so I make the most of my time. I look forward to getting to know everyone
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Post by Bing Sat Apr 20, 2019 12:49 am

Welcome! Rs can indeed be great to relax with after studying, and can also be great afking while studying low-intensity stuff I agree. Look forward to seeing you in the cc and glad you are enjoying the atmosphere here.

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