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Post by Dema Drak Tue Mar 12, 2019 2:52 pm

Hi guys, I'm Dema Drak (also my IGN), can call me Dema for short.  It's a combination of two names: my usual gamer tag (Demacrex) and my best friend's RS2 nametag (Cheese Drak) who introduced me to RS back in 2004. I played RS from 2004 until about 2007 up until a little after the Grand Exchange was released.  I only quit playing because a lot of my friends quit and I was entering high school. So as you can imagine, I am not familiar with a vast array of the content currently in OSRS because I'm only familiar with the RS2 map (would link it for scale for but my account is too new to post links, so rip). Everything outside of those borders is crazy new to me and is taking a lot of effort for me to get used to.

My current goal is to just have fun in OSRS and someday get a level 99 stat, not so sure which stat to reach to 99 first but fishing is the best contender at the moment.  When I played RS2 I was too young and stupid to do much with anything in the game but hangout with friends and occasionally level here and there so I never reached 99 in anything. Since all the OG accounts got pushed to RS3, I was originally sad I couldn't use my old account in OSRS, but it turned out to be a welcome change so I could relive some nostalgia going through all this stuff again.

Currently my account is combat level 72, and soon enough I'll be passing my OG account in almost every level (which in itself it sort of making me feel bittersweet).  I recently just acquired almost a full set of Dragon Armor and it was so satisfying to finally get some pieces of this armor that my younger self always dreamed of.

My life outside of OSRS is kind of crazy at the moment, I graduated college not too long ago and I just moved across the country on a whim with the help of one of my friends and I'm trying to establish myself.  OSRS is a good, nostalgic calming game for me being so far away from all my friends and family.

Don't mean to sound old but I also dabbled in Classic for a while and seeing it close was somewhat sad for me, even though RS2 will always be my favorite.  Any other RS2 or Classic players out there?  

Thanks for reading, can add me if you're so inclined, my friends list is quite empty and constantly red these days.
Dema Drak
Dema Drak

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Post by Bing Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:13 pm

Awesome intro Dema. You picked a great clan to meet some new friends and get help with whatever you need. I agree the nostalgia making a fresh account in Osrs is very enjoyable - I also passed my original account pretty quickly!

Hope to see you around in the cc.

RS2 Player Back for More NuD0cpJ

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RS2 Player Back for More Empty Re: RS2 Player Back for More

Post by Bear Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:20 pm

Welcome, Dema! Glad to have you and I like the effort you put into your intro Very Happy

There's definitely gonna be a ton of new content for you to experience - I've been playing somewhat consistently since the release of OSRS and even I haven't experienced a majority of the new content yet, this also coming from an RSC vet as well

Good luck establishing yourself irl and hitting your goals in-game! Feel free to add me (RSN Viking Bear) if you'd like to add an active name to your list, I'm always up to chat. Otherwise I'm sure you'll be adding plenty of people from the cc soon enough. Smile

Feel free to reach out if you need anything and I'll get your smiley taken care of now!




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