Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Lokandur on Sun Jan 20, 2019 9:06 am

Hello all,

It has come to my attention recently that many people in the CC aren't particularly Wilderness savvy.
So I'd like to share with you some knowledge that I have accumulated from significant hours of pking and DMM tournaments.
Even if you consider yourself pretty capable in the wilderness, I would still encourage you to read through so that you can add more tips/hints and correct anything that I have done wrong.

Death Mechanics
If you die to a player your tradeable items can be retrieved by them for 1 minute and then by you and every other player already in that world for an hour.

If you die to a monster in the wilderness it is the same as dying to an NPC outside of the wilderness unless you have been attacked by a player, then that player will be able to see the drops also.

If you die to a revenant in the revenant cave, everybody will be able to see your tradeable loot and can take it, you should never die to a revenant if you wear your bracelet filled with revenant ether.

3 item rule.
Unless you are happy to lose that item, only ever bring 3 items of value with you into the wilderness. You may bring a +1 item for a total of 4 if you protect it with the level 25 prayer 'protect item'. Protect item will let you keep 1 extra item upon death for a total of 4 if un-skulled or 1 if skulled. Protect item DOES NOT WORK in High Risk worlds.

Good pkers will try to 'Smite' you by using the smite prayer to lower your pray points and stop you from protecting your +1 item so I recommend only using 3 items. If you insist on taking a +1, when attacked, focus on prayer restoration and if you know you can't escape, let them kill you while maintaining your prayer so that you do not get smited for your +1.

Untradeables in the wilderness

- When using untradeables in the wilderness, if you die with them under level 20 they will drop to the ground and you will have an hour to collect them. Some of them will 'break' and you will need to use them on an armour stand to fix them and pay a substantial fee.

- If you are killed with untradeables over level 20 Wilderness they will disappear unless they are part of your 3 item protection and you will need to get them again. Please do not bring your Void, Graceful, Fire Capes and Dragon Defenders past level 20 wild unless you're happy to lose them.

- Untradeable items like slightly damaged barrows armour and imbued dagganoth rings are not classified as untradeables in the wilderness and if you die with them they will revert to a tradeable state for the person who killed you.

- If you are killed with a cannon that is set up in the wilderness, you can either go back and get it after you die, or wait for it to de-spawn and retrieve it from Nulodion.
- If you are killed with your cannon in your inventory, you will lose all of the pieces that aren't protected by your 3 item limit.

- If you are killed with a Blowpipe your stored scales and darts will be protected
- If you are killed with a Trident your stored runes will be protected
- If you are killed with a Wilderness Weapon (Craws Bow, Mace or Scepter) you will lose all ether stored in the item.

Teleporting in the Wilderness
When in the wilderness regular teleport spells will only work under level 20 wilderness.

- Of all of the options I strongly recommend using a Royal Seed Pod (Buyable from Grand Tree after MM2 for 1gp) as it is a single click teleport and does not require you to right click or enter a telelporting interface.

- For anyone who has not completed MM2, I strongly suggest WEARING an amulet of Glory, NOT having it in your inventory, as it does not require using the chat interface when it is worn and any attacks or movement will cancel the interface when accessed from your inventory.

The following items allow you to teleport up to level 30 wilderness

Amulet of glory
Amulet of eternal glory
Combat bracelet
Skills necklace
Ring of wealth
Pharaoh's sceptre
Grand seed pod
Royal seed pod
Slayer ring
Ring of life

Wilderness Obelisks/Wilderness Lever
Wilderness Obelisks and the Wilderness Lever are the only way to teleport above level 30 wilderness.
Unless you have the Wilderness hard diary completed, the wilderness obelisks will teleport you randomly between them.
Players who have completed the Wilderness hard diary will be able to choose their destination.

The wilderness lever in 50 Wild can be teleported to from Edgeville and Ardougne and it will teleport you back to Ardougne unless you have the Wilderness Easy diary completed which allows you to teleport to Edgeville.

Escaping Pkers

There are many methods to escaping pkers, most of which are dependent on where you are in the wilderness, so before engaging in risky behaviour in the wilderness, familiarise yourself with your options for escape for that area.

I can't stress enough how important it is to log out in the wilderness. Logging out is the ultimate goal for escaping. If you are South of the deep wild members fence, log into a F2P world and walk down the edge from there. If you are poisoned, have a friend meet you with lobsters on the F2P world.

Risk Assessment
- Whenever you see a pker hanging back and not attacking, they are waiting for their team or a better opportunity to attack.  LOG OUT

- Whenever you see a lower level hanging out in a risky area, they are scouting and a team of pkers will be there shortly. LOG OUT

- Whenever you see any suspicious activity, LOG OUT or hop worlds, do not log back in to the same world or a world close to it in the world hopper bar as pkers will often search worlds nearby or wait for you to log back in.

Setting your quick prayers - when going into the wilderness always set your quick prayers.
- The best prayers to set as your quick prayers are Protect Item, Protect from Magic and Augury.

- The first thing pkers will do is freeze and teleblock you. Having protect from magic active when a spell is cast on you will halve the amount of time spent frozen from spells from the normal spellbook and make a teleblock last 150 seconds instead of 300 seconds.
Having augury active will increase your magic defence and defence significantly making it more likely the pkers spell will splash.

Getting 'Gap'
- Getting Gap is when you are running from the pker and are far away enough that their spells and bolts can't hit you.

- When you get gap, use the minimap to run away and spam the log out button. The log out button is your best friend in the wilderness.

- You can create gap by doing a number of things.

- Run for your life - literally - choose a path with trees, obstacles and aggressive NPCs to increase chances of escape.

- Stairs and ladders - these are your best friends when evading pkers, even if you are frozen you can still move up and down ladders and straircases and either bamboozle the pkers by a sneaky switch and get gap, or log out when you haven't been hit for a while.

- Freezing the pker - they can't chase you if they are frozen, once frozen you can stand on top of them so that they can't hit you and log out when the combat timer has stopped or run behind an obstacle so that they can't hit you and log out.

- Using Obstacles - Just like monsters, players can get stuck behind walls and any number of other barriers. By running around these things you can create enough gap for you to log out safely.

- Praying - Remember the quick prayers - if someone is trying to freeze you and they splash, they need to recast the spell and will often lose distance between them and you.

Boxing an NPC
- Boxing is where you fight an NPC in a single combat area by removing your weapon and using Saradomin Brews to lower your offensive stats to 0 so that you do not kill the NPC.

- Once your stats are low enough there are only two outcomes, the pkers get bored and leave knowing they've been beaten, or you teleport once your Teleblock spell has worn off.

- It is important that you know where the closest single combat NPCs are so that you can escape to them, so before entering the wilderness, know which direction you need to run in.

Get out of Dodge
- It's super important that if you're in a multi combat area, that you get into single combat as quick as possible, even if it means running deeper into wilderness. Once one person is attacking you, its easier to get gap and then log out.

Using your environment
- Be familiar with where you are, use any agility shortcuts, Wilderness Resource Area gate (with 10k) Magic Axe Hut (With Lockpick) to create gap and log out.

Getting away from the Boss
- If you're fighting a boss and you get ambushed by pkers, you need to get away from the boss ASAP because otherwise you'll be taking damage from the boss and them. Try to run in the direction that will lure them onto the boss while you make your getaway.

Dropping Items
- If you drop any tradeable item in the wilderness it will instantly appear making pkers scramble to pick it up. Drop Items as you run away so that they need to stop and grab them while you get gap. Better losing 40k and 200k.

Fighting back
- Nothing makes a pker think 'Oh I might have made a mistake here' than being smacked for half their HP. By attacking back you will make the pker panic and more likely to make a mistake, allowing you to escape when you see the opportune moment.
BEWARE - Attacking back opens you up to being skull tricked (See below for more information)

Finding other pkers
- I have survived in the wild on a number of occasions by running to a PK hotspot (see below) and encountering more pkers who then attack the pkers currently in pursuit of you, or appear to be a juicier piece of loot than yourself, allowing you to escape.

Travelling in pairs and groups
- By being in the wilderness in groups you are more likely to deter solo pkers and are less likely to be attacked. Also, if your friend hasn't read Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness, you can offer them as a sacrifice to the Gods of PVP and escape using your wilderness survival knowledge.

Skull Tricking

- When another player attacks you in the wilderness you are free to attack them back without getting a skull. What some experienced pkers do is 'Skull Trick' where they get you to accidentally skull on them so that they can get your now unprotected 3 items.

- The easiest way to avoid skull tricking is by turning off your player attack options in the settings.

There are a variety of ways people can do this and I will list them here.

- Similar Usernames - This is the easiest skull trick to fall for, a player named 10 Dragons may attack you and you might attack him back without being skulled. However he has a friend named 1O Dragons log in and use spells on creatures around you so that you think you're still being attacked. You attack this new player getting a skull, then they both kill you.

- Logging in and out - This is a harder method of skull tricking, for this to work the person attacking you must attack you, run away, log out and back in and then pretend to attack you. If you then attack this person, you will receive a skull as them logging out has cleared that they ever attacked you in the first place.

- Hidden Players - People will create accounts and camouflage them in with the environment and give them a similar name to what you should be clicking. For instance at the Mage Bank Lever you will see a level 76 account called Pull Lever that has the same colour scheme as the wall and lever, tricking people into attacking them accidentally.

- Stacking players - Some pkers will stand on top of one another so that when you attempt to left click attack them you hit the wrong one and skull. You can also skull by using an AoE attack like burst/barrage/chinchompas/dihns in multi on pkers you didn't notice were there.

- Opportune spots - Pkers will stand next to gates, agility shortcuts and the like, making it easy to accidentally click on them. Always have your Player attack options set to off when in the wilderness for anything other than pking.

- Logging in under your kill or stepping under your kill. When looting another player or boss, ALWAYS turn your player attack options off when spam clicking the loot to avoid being skull tricked.

Pking Hotspots

The following areas of the wilderness are pking hotspots and I would recommend caution when venturing near these places.

- Revenant Caves 17 - 40 wild - Every world will be cleared by pure/maxed teams every 5-10 minutes, this is easily the most dangerous place in the wilderness. Multi Combat.

- The level 35 Wilderness Obelisk > Northern Entrance of Revenant Caves is the most active part of the wilderness, avoid this area when doing clues/travelling through the wilderness. Pked by Pures > Maxed Mains in teams.

- Lava Maze Teleport - 41 wild - Mainly pked by Mid lvls > Maxed Mains, bridding solo and in small teams

- Wilderness Prayer Altar - 38 wild - Mainly pked by Pures > Maxed Mains, bridding in small teams. Multi Combat

- Demonic Ruins/Annakarl - 40 - 45 wild - Pked by Pures > Maxed Mains in teams, multi combat. You will constantly see scouts here.

- Lava Dragon Isle - 36 - 42 wild - Pked by Pures > Maxed Mains in teams, multi combat.

- Mage Bank - 50 Wild - Pked mainly by Mid lvls > Maxed mains, bridding in small teams

- Rogues Castle - 50 wild - Pked by team Pures > Maxed mains Multi combat

- Black Chinchompas - Various levels - Pked by solo and team Pures > Maxed Mains

- Green Dragons - various levels -  Predominantly pked by Pures > Mid lvls, rare to see Maxed Mains.

- All Wilderness Bosses - various levels - Predominantly pked by Maxed Main accounts in teams. Multi combat

- Wilderness God Wars Dungeon - 23 -29 wild - Predominantly pked by Mid levels > Maxed Mains

- Outside Corporeal Beast Cave - Pked by Pures > Maxed Mains in small teams Multi Combat

- Resource Area - 51 - 53 wild - Pked by Mid lvl > Maxed Mains

- Rune Rocks - Level 45 Wild - Pked by Pures > Maxed Mains

- Any wilderness slayer spot - various levels - Pked by all account builds

Please note that anywhere you can make money in the wilderness, or may have a reason to be there, that there will be pkers, so always know your exit route and don't ever AFK in the wild.

Miscellaneous Tips
- If it looks too good to be true, it is, you're about to have a team log in on you. Don't fall for low level players in good gear at low health.

- Be aware that some items keep over other items that are worth more. There are scams where people will drop 3 very expensive items and then kill you when you pick it up so that they can get your far more expensive item.

- Antipoisons and Antifires are your friend, it makes you more likely to survive massive Dragon Bolt (e) specs and slow death by poison and venom. Antifires also mean you can escape to dragons while pkers get hit by dragonfire.

- Know when to die, if you know you aren't going to escape, it's best to focus on keeping your prayer up for your +1 and letting your HP drop. If you keep healing they'll keep dropping your Prayer points with their smite. Losing 200k is better than losing 5m.

- Wear D'Hide when you're doing clues/anything in the wilderness, D'hide is your best friend next to the log out button, use a Dihn's Bulwark and pray mage for the ultimate escape outfit.

- Familiarise yourself with the wilderness, you should know the wilderness as well as you know Varrock, look at maps, explore it in no gear, become comfortable with your environment.

- Carry Super Restores and Saradomin Brews - 3:1 Ratio for Brews to Restores 3 sips of Brew per 1 dose of Restore.
They last longer than food, can drop your stats for boxing and raise your defence for a speedy escape.

- Total level worlds are not any safer than regular worlds and are more dangerous for higher levels because they are targeted by pkers.

- German worlds are by far the safest worlds to be in the wilderness on.

- Avoid the wilderness anytime it's the weekend in any part of the world, that's when there are going to be pkers.

- It doesn't matter what gear you are/aren't wearing, pkers will kill you because they're bored and you might have something.

- Don't get upset when you die, it's the wilderness, it's there to be dangerous and for player versus player, don't take anything you're not willing to lose.

- If you're teleporting out with a glory at low health with poison/venom. Teleport to Draynor Village or Karamja, pkers check Edgeville for loot when they suspect you're about to die from poison after you escape.

- You can drop untradeable items like Barrows gloves/imbued rings in the wilderness just before you die if it's in a place that you'll be able to get back to before they quickly disappear. Only do this if you are near a teleport spot you can get back to quickly.


The first map is of all of the wilderness areas and creatures within it. It is too large to fit on the forums so you will need to right click it and 'open image in new tab' for the full thing.

The second map is an older map that isn't as updated, but it shows what areas of the wilderness are multi and single combat.

The third map is of the revenant caves.

Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. OoDhDfJ

Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. LgAho7m

Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. UVHjHj5

I'm not finished with this guide yet, I will update it with maps and more information soon.

Kind regards,

The Tony Hawk of Segway
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by ladybird2 on Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:12 am

Brilliant.............a really comprehensive and useful guide affraid affraid affraid affraid just had my second reading. Can you do me a guide on how to not get pounced on so easily when not in the wildy? lol! lol! lol! Great work.
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Shh Gg on Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:14 am

Very in-depth and useful guide. Well put together; this should be of use as a lot of people are hesitant to step in the wild these days

There is Purity in Silence
Shh Gg
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by elemntsk8ter on Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:17 am

very nice guide, but you can't guide trick me into going into the wilderness!

I'm terrified of that place.
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Iwan on Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:00 pm

very nice guide lok. you might wanna add something about x logging under the boxing npc part
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Matt Ross on Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:56 pm

Very well done Lok!

THANKS Im sure this will be useful for many.
Matt Ross
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Active Faith on Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:00 am

You forgot to mention that "Having Lok as a bodyguard while in the wild is the ultimate way to stay safe and alive."

Great guide man!
Active Faith
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Straik Force on Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:26 am

Great guide! found it very useful being a wilderness noob, that place have always been a mystical place for me, now and when i played when i was young, cant wait to put this guide into practice.

Straik Force
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by noelemahc on Wed Feb 27, 2019 7:32 pm

Love the guide, very great explanation on what seems to me like all the wilderness mechanics. I have been trying to get into the wilderness more often, some funny things can happen there. The past 4 days at chaos altar have been very interesting.
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by The_Gamed on Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:54 am

Different kind of guide, but none the less very well written and very useful! Great job Smile
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Bodjery on Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:05 am

This is the most amazing guide I ever read on wildy.
Lokanduria, when you are not so strong, and you get wildy tasks, how do you protect yourself, if you have at least to get your weapons to kill the monsters? Lets take the simple example of green drags.
So, you need your bow, arrows, and range equipment, plus some kind of teleport. This is quite more than 4 items. And even when you do that, if you have drag bones, which now I understand it's better to be dropped, than killed, but you are frozen and teleblock, how to avoid being killed?

As my language is spanish, I couldn't understand the "Boxing 0" strategy at all. Would you be so kind to PVM me and try to explain it with more detail?

I thank you in advance, and I'm really greatfull for your guide!

Best for you,

Bod, from Uruguay.

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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

Post by Elcap on Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:20 am

Great job Lok! Was an awesome read and very helpful Very Happy
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Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness. Empty Re: Lok's guide to surviving the wilderness.

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