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pest control event! Empty pest control event!

Post by Steveagogo Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:24 pm

Hi! have you been looking around runescape at all these fabulously void geared people and thought to yourself.

*you know what! id really like to have some lovely gear for my many slayer/bossing goals! but i wish there was some cheap free gear that could help me fulfill my dreams*

then worry no longer! as pest control has all the answers! whether you wish to have:

1.+10% to damage and accuracy for your melee combat
2.+10% to damage and accuracy for your range combat
3.+45% to accuracy for your mage combat

now is the time to embrace the grind! whether this is your first time at pest control or your 100th, your first set of void gear or your elite. feel free to join us on the 15th of December Saturday at 5 pm gmt for several hours (hopefully), and together we can help beat this ummmm...... fun minigame and claim victory!  Laughing

apply below if your interested  Smile

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pest control event! Empty Re: pest control event!

Post by sunkists Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:30 pm

jocolor let's grind it out together.

pest control event! 4068HaS

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