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Post by OhBeEm Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:00 pm

I just recently picked up RSOS since last playing around 07' or so. I remember having a blast back then and with the release of RSOS on mobile, I figured I might give it another shot just. My most vivid RS moment... and possibly most vivid childhood videogame moment was watching 2 people fight at the wildy and seeing both of them kill each other at the same moment (thank you poison). One of them dropped an Abby Whip. My heart started racing as I was merely a level 20 something with such a great item...I managed to sell it and used the funds to finance my leveling. The community seems to be 100x better now that what I remembered of back then.

My current goals are to have fun and complete quest. Ultimately I want to be able to have decent enough gear to try out boss fights and whatnot.

Shoutout to Panda Cubz for finding me in Fight Arena and telling me about this Clan. Ive been here maybe a week now, and I love how everyone is friendly and helpful


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