disrespect at its finest but thats okay.

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disrespect at its finest but thats okay. Empty disrespect at its finest but thats okay.

Post by DiamondBaronBtw Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:47 pm

Ever since i started playing osrs again a couple months ago this has been the only clan chat ive ever spoken in and communicated with people i spend quite some time on here maybe not doing a lot of talking in the cc but im there and occasionally speaking or giving some advice. The CC was very nice to me almost always i even won a bond when i was f2p from a member who had gotten rangers from a clue since then i just stayed. Most good things come to an end today that was mine for this cc, my intentions where to help a fellow clan member to make some gains i was merely telling him my experience from using Dh @ NMZ starting at level 70. But apparently i dont know much comapred to the people who spend 15+ hours a day on here (Thanks Nixy but i play about the same for some people rs is an escape from the shit lives we live in) After that i was presumed an idiot for not knowing enough how dh scales to hp and being told bandos + rapier would be wayy better sorry i was trying to help a fellow lesser fortunate member out by telling him my story on gaining some afk levels in nmz. And Sorry for the dumb rant, i just thought it was pretty dumb for this to turn into an argument with someone with rank getting there feelings hurt because i said Dh works at level 70. TBH its working pretty well for me to gain 7 levels in a night while fishing on a alt but Hey thats Just me. Best of Luck to you all on your gains Luv N Peace.

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disrespect at its finest but thats okay. Empty Re: disrespect at its finest but thats okay.

Post by Quz Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:13 pm

You got kicked because you were told to stop cussing and stop arguing and drop it, you still proceeded to call people "tards" and tell people they were on some "shit". You would think after a couple months in the cc and even making your way to the offsite you would have learned the rules not to disrespect other clan members with name calling and cursing. You are more than welcome to rejoin after the hour is up if you have calmed down and are willing to follow the rules. Mind you i was reading the whole argument as it was going on and i warned you to stop with the way you were typing and to just drop the conversation because it was causing multiple members to argue. Nothings wrong with having a conversation on why you think Dh is good at nmz and so on, even debating it with the other main person you were arguing it with is alright. But you took it up a notch with the stuff you said. Please take a few minutes and read the rules on the front page below the clan picture and feel free to join the cc again if you are ready.

disrespect at its finest but thats okay. U7euiv5

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disrespect at its finest but thats okay. Empty Re: disrespect at its finest but thats okay.

Post by Fudgywig Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:52 am

Arguing, heated debates, cussing, things like this will make you be removed from the CC
Can an admin maybe move this thread as it's not intro but more of a complaint
I'm sorry you feel this way, but no matter what cussing and arguing in CC is strictly forbidden everyone has a fair chance, but your argument could offend younger players in our CC,

in future either settle your argument else where or refrain from doing it entirely
You do not get kicked straight away, thus warning are in place, it's your choice to ignore advice from ranks or none ranks, either way

Heated Debate
Over pg stuff
ignoring warnings
Will literally get your removed from CC

I hope this is cleared and i hope you understand and remain in the CC
All hopes and wishes

Gary AKA Fudgywig

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