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Post by Advice Bot Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:36 pm

As the game has continued to evolve over the years, the cornerstone of the clan has remained the same: delivering advice in a mature setting. 

Now more than ever, through the release of OSRS Mobile, more and more individuals are finding time to play. With this influx of activity comes a great opportunity to assist new and returning players by leveraging our communal knowledge of the game. 

We are thriving. I've received much positive feedback over the past week. Ranks and members are expressing their rejuvenated excitement. Just today, Run messaged me, ecstatic that the clan was nearly at capacity during the middle of the night, a time that is generally quiet. I am hearing about an uptick in clan events. More new faces. More involvement. More returning members. We continue to move forward. 

To endure, we must be mindful of our roots. We are a clan dedicated to delivering advice. We can only do this if players are aware of us. Raising awareness of the clan is an easy task, yet often avoided or overlooked. 

I took a moment to head over to our clan recruitment thread and give it a bump. 21 seconds. It hadn't been bumped in nearly a day. Our thread was buried behind hundreds of other clans. But after 21 seconds, which simply entailed me logging in and replying 'bump', our post was brought to the front page, easily discovered by those seeking a high-quality clan. This is a no-effort way to give back to the clan. Results are exponential.  

I've had the pleasure of briefly chatting with a few new faces, hearing their stories. Each of the three were returning players, brought back to the game by OSRS Mobile. In all cases, the players were attracted to the clan values. There are more players like this out there. We need to give them the ability to find us. 

As the year wraps up, I encourage each of you to find a way to make a personal difference in the clan. Whether this is recruiting, hosting an event, or helping with advice, you each have the ability to add value. I am so very amazed with where we are today and even more optimistic of the future. 

Thank you for your continued contributions and dedication to the clan. 

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