FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Post by Mrs Midnight on Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:04 am

Greetings Clan-member,
As you're obviously reading this FAQ, I'll take it you're looking for either some answers to some questions you have, or you're just reading this for fun and thus wasting your exp. Stop wasting that exp!
Anyhow, I have decided to set this FAQ-thread up along with the help of other more experienced clan-members to guide the newer and/or lesser-experienced members of OSRS Advice in the productive direction.
Please remember that our clan gladly answers all of your questions in-game and that this thread is more of a last-resort if noone knows the answer to your question.
In short, only resort to this thread if you haven't been helped in-game first!
Please enjoy this FAQ, I hope it'll be a clarifying read for you.



Clan-related FAQ:

Q. How do I join the clan and/or gain a Smiley Rank?
A. You may join the clan by signing up on the off-site (these forums you're reading this on.) Due to a limited amount of room for Smiley Ranks preference is given to those who have signed up, written an introduction, bump the clan thread on the official RS forums.
Clan Thread on the official forums.

Q. How do I get promoted within the clan?
A. The head of our clan has compiled a list of criteria to be met, or to guide you towards, promotion.
The list may be found here.

Q. This is a mature clan, does that mean swearing and adult topics are allowed in the clan chat?
A. Short answer: No.
Long answer: It is correct that OSRS Advice is a mature clan, this however does not mean it's an adults-only clan. We'd like you to behave in a mature way. This means we do not want you to swear excessively or insult other clan-members. When speaking of adult topics and subjects we'd like to remind you to remain polite at all times. Racist, Sexist or otherwise insulting remarks and comments will result in a kick in almost all cases. Feel assured however that we do appreciate a relaxed atmosphere in our clan, jokes are not frowned upon although you may be asked to cut down on your humor if it isn't appreciated.

Q. I don't seem to understand what is being said in the clan, or the game. Is there a list of meanings for all the slang and abbrevations?
A. Yes there is, the Old School wiki has composed a great list which may be found here.


Game Mechanics-related FAQ:

Q. Does Splashing/AKF-training still work?
A. No, a combat timer has been introduced. This means your character still stop automatically attacking your opponent after 20 minutes have passed. (Note: Splashing still exists but will automatically stop after 20 minutes, unless you click your target again.)

Q. Runecrafting in the Abbys / Player Killing has given me skull status. When will this disappear?
A. The Skull status will automaticaly disappear after 20 minutes, unless you attack another player or re-enter the abbys. This would reset the timer.

Skill-related FAQ:


Q. Where should I train my Attack, Strength and Defence?
A. This question will be answered at the hand of a Clan Guide and several other guides found throughout the internet.

Clan Guide: FAQ - Clan Combat Training Guide.

OSRS Wiki:
-Free to Play: OSRS Wiki Free to Play Melee Training.

-Pay to Play: OSRS Wiki Pay to Play Melee Training.



Q. What are the best spots to use a cannon at high exp Slayer Assignments?
A. Vexaria has written an extensive Guide for cannon placement which is found here:
Cannoning Guide for High/Exp Slayer Tasks.


Quest and Diary-related FAQ:

Q. How do I get the Quest Point Cape?
A. By completing all quests in the game, including the wish list you get from the Odd Old Man after finishing the Rag and Bone Man quest. You need a total of 246 quest points to get the cape.

Q. What are the hardest and most annoying quests in the game?
A. Most people agree that Mourning's Ends Part II is the most annoying/hard quest in the game overall, mostly due to its puzzle. Runner ups for the hardest quest is mostly personal preference but Desert Treasure, Dream Mentor, Recipe for Disaster and Regicide are considered hard. Quests like Darkness of Hallowvale, Monkey Madness, Rat Catchers and Underground Pass are considered very annoying overall.

Q. What quests give me access to important areas?
A. The most important access quest is Priest in Peril (Morytania access. Includes Canifis, Barrows, Slayer Tower and Ectofuntus access). Other important access quests are Shilo Village (Shilo Village access), Regicide (Tirannwn, Zulrah access), Lost City (Zanaris access), Monkey Madness (100% Ape Atoll access), Troll Stronghold (Trollheim, Troll Stronghold, God Wars Dungeon access), The Fremennik Trials (Etceteria, Jatiszo, Miscellania, Neitiznot access), Icthlarin’s Little Helper (Sophanem Access). There are more quests that give you access to areas, yet these are the ones that are the most important.

Q. What minimum skill levels do I need to complete every quest in the game?
A. 85 Combat, 20 Attack, 50 Strength, 65 Defence, 10 Hitpoints, 60 Ranged, 66 Magic, 50 Prayer, 60 Mining, 65 Smithing, 62 Fishing, 70 Cooking, 50 Firemaking, 71 Woodcutting, 49 Farming, 57 Herblore, 58 Thieving, 61 Crafting, 50 Runecrafting, 50 Fletching, 42 Slayer, 34 Construction, 27 Hunter. Temporary skill boosts can often be used.

Q. What quest gives me the highest amount of experience in x skill?
A. Attack: The Grand Tree, 18,400 exp.
Strength: Haunted Mine, 22,000 exp.
Defence: King’s Ransom, 33,000 exp.
Hitpoints: Mourning’s Ends Part I, 25,000 exp.
Ranged: Temple of Ikov, 10,500 exp.
Magic: Desert Treasure, 20,000 exp.
Prayer: Holy Grail, 11,000 exp.
Mining: The Digsite, 15,300 exp.
Smithing: The Knight’s Sword, 12,725 exp.
Fishing: Swan Song, 10,000 exp.
Cooking: Recipe for Disaster, 28,000 exp.
Firemaking: Enakhra’s Lament, 7,000 exp.
Woodcutting: Grim Tales, 14,000 exp.
Farming: Rum Deal, 7,000 exp.
Herblore: Eadgar’s Ruse, 11,000 exp.
Thieving: Mourning’s Ends Part I, 25,000 exp.
Crafting: The Hand in the Sand, 9,000 exp.
Runecrafting: What Lies Below, 8,000 exp
Fletching: Temple of Ikov, 8,000 exp.
Slayer: Wanted!, 5,000 exp.
Construction: The Fremennik Isles, 5,000 exp.
Hunter: Eagles’ Peak, 2,500 exp.

Event-related FAQ:

Q. How do I suggest an event?
A. You may suggest an event at the Clan Events section.

Q. I live in a different timezone than EST, at what time is the current event?
A. Agdal posts timezone converterting calculators for each event in the Clan Events section.

Q. On which days are events hosted?
A. The days of the events alternate between Saturdays and Sundays, for accurate information on the current weekend's event please direct yourself to the forum topic or ask a moderator.

Forum-related FAQ:

Q. How do I add myself to the highscore of the XP-Tracker?
A. You can't add yourself to the highscore, you can however post a request to be added to the highscore.
Your request will be reviewed and your name will be added to the highscore.
You may request your placement here: Global Clanchat Highscores.

Q. I have been told to be added to the highscore. Why can't I find myself?
A. If you have been told to be added to the highscore then you may place yourself on it. You must however earn enough experience to appear on the list as there are only 21 places for the daily ranking and 30 for the weekly and monthly rankings. It has been reported that not everyone appears on the highscore after meeting these criteria. Remember to search for your username and press "track" to check before telling a moderator about not appearing!

Q. Can I also keep track of solely my own experience?
A. Yes you can, just write your character's name in the "Username" box and click on "Track".

Moneymaking-related FAQ:

Q. What are some methods of making money?
A. Alkane has written a great guide on moneymaking which also covers this.
Alkane's Guide: Alkane's Moneymaking Methods.


Thanks for contributing:
- Nauticade (Quests)
- Vexaria (Cannoning Guide)
- LonelyPeppz (Combat Guide, magic section.)
- Alkane (Moneymaking Guide.)
- Agdal (Timezone Converter)

Have you found any mistakes or perhaps points of improvement for the FAQ or its guides? Please comment below or pm Mrs Midnight.

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Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Post by Mrs Midnight on Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:05 am

Perhaps we should instead provide links to smaller guides for some bits...
I need to find out how to link to other topics. The combat guide is an answer to a faq but it's just too big.

Guess who has resumed her work on the FAQ? yup it's me.
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Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Post by Mrs Midnight on Sat Sep 05, 2015 1:09 pm

Bumping to reserve space, and to direct clan members to this thread.
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Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:06 am

Good Guide.


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Re: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

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