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Post by Obsoleete Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:23 am

Hello everyone,

So I had already made a forum account a while ago, but haven't properly introduced myself, so I thought I should go ahead and do that.

First, my in-game name is Obso leete, if you haven't already guessed that from the title and my forum username. I first started Runescape in 2004 when I was 8 years old. Fun fact, I somehow still remember my password for my first ever account and so I went to RS3 to log in and check up on it. It hadn't been hacked surprisingly. I went to check the stats and my god were they horrible, however I still vividly remember the happiness I felt back then when I achieved those levels. I was transported back to my 8 year old mind haha.

Anyways, I went off on a very long tangent. So currently, I'm playing an Ironman, reason being is because I've played this game off and on for a very long time and the only reason I would ever take a break, is because I would decide to go ahead and stake my bank and lose everything in the process. This time around I thought I'd take a different approach and therefore decided to start an account where trading is impossible so I won't be able to ruin my progress by making rash decisions.

Current goal for the account is 99 Firemaking which I should achieve within the week. As for after that, we'll see. Long term goal is definitely going for a maxed account.

As for life outside of Runescape, I currently attend University and am doing a major in Computer Science. It's my first year in Computer Science and I completely love it. Hobbies would be computers in general (I built my first ever computer about 3 weeks ago and it was a such an educational experience), reading and going to the gym when time permits.

Finally, I'd like to say hello to everyone I've already met in-game as well as to those people who have suffered with me while we were training Firemaking at Wintertodt. To everyone else who I haven't met, hope we can meet soon and have fun times together.

- Obso Leete

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Post by Bear Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:18 am

Hey Obsoleete, welcome to our offsite - glad to have you!

I think that was around the age I started back in 2001ish and remember having to lie and tell people I was 13 since they had an age requirement back then to have an account at all haha.
And smart move on making an ironman to avoid staking and the like. I know some people that could use that advice themselves.
I also just graduated Uni a week or two ago in the same field but have been working in it for the last 3, you picked a good field to be in!

Good luck on your 99 Firemaking, cheers!



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Post by Bing Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:21 pm

Quality intro post Obso Leete. Great idea about the ironman, smart move. Ironman accounts can be very rewarding as well Smile

If you want a smiley rank in the cc, post here!

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Post by Lokandur Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:20 am

Welcome Obsoleete, I'd offer to give you a hand, but Iron men stand alone Wink

Gl on your goals.

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Post by PugTart Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:48 am

welcome, good luck on goals Smile

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