Possible Update to clan rules

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Possible Update to clan rules

Post by elemntsk8ter on Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:51 am

After being in multiple clans / guilds throughout the last 20 years, I've learned that changing rules can be extremely difficult, but sometimes it's a necessary evil. Here are some suggestions for updating some of the rules:

While the "REEEE" origin is a frog's defense mechanism, it's most synonymous with the autistic screech, which to me goes against the below rules but is never discussed in chat. Regardless of whether it comes from a meme or not, there's no place for it in the cc. I recommend the misuse of distinct audibles in written form be added to one of these rules.

  • I - Respect ALL clan members, regardless of rank, age, or opinions.
  • IX - No trolling or immaturity.
  • V - No vulgar, hate speech or crude remarks - This includes general profanity and marginalizing, demeaning or harsh descriptors. Using inappropriate words or trivializing serious diseases in the chat is unnecessary and not welcome.

For new members, "a rank or myself" is very vague and would best be worded as "a rank above X or myself (name(s))".

  • XVII - Please do not accuse or fight with other members over disputes in the clan chat. Take them to the PM and if they are not resolved, to a rank or myself.
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Re: Possible Update to clan rules

Post by Autocrat on Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:18 am

Thank you, We'll discuss this suggestion among the ranks.

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Re: Possible Update to clan rules

Post by runtellthat4 on Fri Aug 17, 2018 7:02 am

We have always avoided limiting our Moderators by trying to be too specific with our language rules hence our Disclaimer...We are very fortunate to have a wide range of our Moderators from different cultures and languages...we ask them to use their best judgement not only in language but intent and usage...
Recently we had one member that thought is funny to avert our language rules by using slang of an obscure language..it did take time but we caught on and banned him...another example recently one player made oblivious trolling statements while another player responded "shut up ****".....the moderator recommended the troll be banned and yet while the player that used a very disgusting term was simply kicked and a ban was not recommended...
Any player that reports a problem we do discuss and check it out...we take them very seriously....
To address your last comment "ranks " refer to moderators and the myself refers to OSRS Advice(owners).

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Re: Possible Update to clan rules

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