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Maddy's 99 Agility Guide Empty Maddy's 99 Agility Guide

Post by Guest Tue May 08, 2018 6:55 am

Hello i am Maddy and i'm going to show you how to get 99 agility in osrs.

Getting started


-Wearing weight reducing gear will make you less fail on obstacles which will save you allot of time in the long run.
- Eating a summer pie will boost your agility by 5 Levels which can really boost your Xp/Hr
-Stamina potions are a great way to keep your run energy up and restore the drain rate by 70%
- At level 60 agility if you have the hard diary's done for Seers village you can use the teleport to Camelot to move you right to the start of the start point of Camelot course.
-260 Marks of grace for the full graceful outfit.
-Marks of grace are worth 8.8k gp per mark. Making you around 40m getting 99 agility.

Levels 1-10

You will be training at the gnome stronghold which requires no food or any supplies at all since you can't fail the course.

14 Laps to level 10.

Levels 10-30

You will be training at the Draynor Village rooftop course.

Pick up the Marks of grace you find on the rooftop courses since you will be able to turn them in for the graceful set.

Levels 30-40

You will be training at the Varrock rooftop agility course.

100 Laps Approx

Levels 40-47

You will be training at the Canfis agility rooftop course.

You will need to have completed these following quest to enter Canfis to use the course.

- The restless ghost
- Priest and pearl

Levels 47-60

Even tho the Wildy agility course requires 52 agility to enter you can boost this by using a summer pie to enter the gates to enter the course. The wildy course is by far the most highest xp you can get at your level.

Do not bring anything with you that you can't afford to lose since you are in the wildy and can be attacked by pkers.

Wildy course inventory set up.

- 6 Stamina Restores
- 6 Summer pies
- Fill the rest of your inventory with chocolate cakes.

Tip: Take a dragon dagger P++ or some sort of weapon that might scare off some of the pkers.

Levels 60-80

You will be training at the seers village rooftop course and by now you should be close to having unlocked your Graceful set.

40-50 hours to get to 80.

Note - If you have done the hard Kandarin Diary you should stay here from 60-90


You can start the Ardougne agility course at level 87 with a summer pie if you want to spend some money.

If you don't have the fremmenik boots (4) I suggest you stay here till level 90 Agility.

Levels 80-87 Fremmenik boots (4) Method

You will be training at the Rellaka Agility course by teleporting with your boots (4) to speed up the laps. These boots have unlimited teleports making it save half the time to run back to the start point.

Levels 87-99

You will be training at the Ardougne Rooftop agility course with a summer pie.

This course is by far the best agility course in the game for Exp/Hr.

Alternate Method

-60-70 Seers village
-70-80 Polninveach
-80-90 Rellaka
-90-99 Brimhaven agility course ( Requires Karamaja gloves 4) for double tickets!

There is my 99 Agility guide and i hope It helps you with your agility training.

If you have any issues or need help Pm me in game "Maddy" Happy to help  Wink

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Maddy's 99 Agility Guide Empty Re: Maddy's 99 Agility Guide

Post by Omega Tue May 08, 2018 8:27 am

Nice guide Maddy Smile x

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