Maximize your NMZ gains +Quest (pures)

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Maximize your NMZ gains +Quest (pures) Empty Maximize your NMZ gains +Quest (pures)

Post by Matt Ross on Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:03 pm

Thought it was worth posting in regards to the somewhat recent change in NMZ, thanks to The Depths of Despair quest.
Some players/pures were getting pretty low xp/hr at NMZ, this change should help. To simplify this is just changing which bosses you are challenging, replacing black demon -> sand snake.

Top 5 best bosses to use for pures:

*Count Draynor

*The Kendal

*Tree Spirit

*Khazard Warlord

*Sand Snake

For those of you who are still using black demon, it's strongly recommended that you drop it in favor of one of the above bosses, this will boost your xp/hr by a fair bit. Think xp, not points.

I understand this is directed to pures, hopefully it helps low/mid level players too, or even some mains Like a Star @ heaven

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Maximize your NMZ gains +Quest (pures) Ok10

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