Starting Hardcore Ironman Guide/Tips

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Starting Hardcore Ironman Guide/Tips

Post by primalfearz on Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:58 am

This is for anyone wanting to start a new hardcore ironman and doesn't know where to begin or wants some ideas on what to do. This is by no means a efficient guide just some things I did. This guide will presume membership is added once you get to Lumbridge after tutorial island

For general Ironman tips checkout GTS lord post out which can be found here

On tutorial island

  1. Finish Tutorial island to the mage tutor
  2. Pick Hardcore Ironman
  3. Did I mention pick hardcore ironman

Very Start

  1. Thieve a man/woman for 230 gold if you get low on hp you can fish some shrimp to the south past the cemetery.
  2. The logs on the top of lumby castle can be used to get your firemaking up early.
  3. Buy a steel axe before you leave lumbridge
  4. Some good early quest you can do are monks friend, Sea slug, restless ghost, witches potion, and imp catcher(Skip this if you want to go for the Wintertodt 10hp route).
  5. To get out to Ardy use castle wars minigame tele or for the diary requirement you can use the edgeville lever.
  6. Head to ardy to theive cake stalls until 20 thieving avoid getting caught by the guards or knights they will kill you
  7. At 20 steal from the silk stall till you think you have enough gold.
  8. Do security stronghold for 10kgp and buy a fire staff and air staff plus runes to cast fire strike. do this before you do imp catcher
  9. At this point you have 2 options you can do Wintertodt to 75fm because its much easier as a 10 hp(i skipped this because the loot is better based on your stats) or skip it for now.Guide for Wintertodt

Quest Grind and combat training

  1. First quest you will want to do is witches house you can safe spot the last form of the boss and flinch the others if you want this will get you 23 hp
  2. After witches house you will want to do watefall quest for 31 att/str
  3. After that I recommend doing these quest for a good amount of combat xp.  grand tree, tree gnome village, fight arena, holy grail, and Dragon slayer. If you do all these quest you should have roughly 41 att,37 str, and 37 def.
  4. For prayer training I recommend getting 70 agility for the shortcut but if not blue dragons to 43 prayer.
  5. if your going to get your rune scimmy i suggest Zamorak Warriors which have a 1/64 for the rune scim.
  6. Do Monkey madness once you have 43 prayer you can safe spot the final boss till 1 hp and then last hit him
  7. if you here and haven't died congrats unless you dc you should be safe for a long time.

if people want more just let me know or ask questions below ill and try to respond. got bored while fishing at 5am so decided to see if anyone is interested in something like this. If there is any grammar errors I am sorry super late

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Re: Starting Hardcore Ironman Guide/Tips

Post by Moon Light on Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:47 pm

Well done, I'll definitely recommend this to others Smile

Moon Light
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Re: Starting Hardcore Ironman Guide/Tips

Post by markg on Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:21 am

Just thought I post this here, very informative and adds to the information you posted!

https://pastebin /u5engCfu

(new member cant post links but you can work it out Smile)

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Re: Starting Hardcore Ironman Guide/Tips

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