For anyone who is interested in puzzles of a RuneScape Nature.

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For anyone who is interested in puzzles of a RuneScape Nature.

Post by Ninjaskillzc on Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:01 pm

No idea where to post this, feel free to suggest a better location!

Okay, let me start from the beginning. I don't like advertising, okay? But I feel I need to share this with you awesome guys and gals! Basically, Crack the Clue ended with the Helmet being found and later publically revealed (Helm of Raedwald, I won't explain here what the event is, but they had a (now-unpostable on) subreddit called /r/CrackTheClue where people posted theories ect about the helmet. Nice place. Anyway...

This "event" is over and player's wanted another, that's not likely for now, but there is a place where people make their own clue scrolls and the like up for others to solve for a prize or for victorrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Anyway.. if you think that this is a fun place for you to have a laugh on Reddit with clues to take you around Gielinor and Zeah and other places.... (Idk where though lol) and make your own for others to do!

This isn't a clan or anything, well, the CTC clan is used, called "Margins", but that's obviously not required! Anyway, the subreddit is /r/UnofficialCTC for the Player-made ones, I know many people want this and put it here if anyone in the clan wants to do it when they get the chance!

Plus, I made one myself! Yipppieeeee!!! Here is the link to it: (500K reward).

I'm sure many aren't interested about it, but for those who are into that sort of thing can check it out (the one I made took about 10 mins lol so it's quite easy, even if it doesn't look it!).

Anyway, I thought I would say just in case anybody is interested. (Like I said before, I hate advertising other clans/stuff in a clan, but this subreddit may be a good help to some people who were looking for this sort of thing).

Thanks again!

~ Ninja.

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