Helldiver's Road to the Top

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Helldiver's Road to the Top

Post by Helldiver on Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:59 pm

Hello Friends! I will be going on vacation next week and figured I'd get some goals down and share them here before I leave. For when I return from the beach many of these goals will be smashed this spring.

I have a few long term and and short term goals on my mind.

The Long Term Goals:

-Max Melee
-99 Magic
-99 Runecrafting to make some moneys
-Access to 2k worlds to ease the annoyance caused by overcrowded spots
-Achievement Diary cape
-Red Slayer Helmet Twisted Evil
-Acquire my 3 favorite pets in the game:
*Babby Kree'ara
*Greybird (Heron)

I recently achieved my goal of 99 Ranged and had some wonderful clan members join me to revel in the accomplishment.I love you

The Short Term Goals:
-Finish the Lumbridge Elite Diary
*Requires 78 Thieving
*86 Smithing (Planning to boost this one to 88)
*76 Runecrafting
*Quest Point Cape (10 Quests away!)
-Finish 99 Firemaking at Wintertodt (complete the Pyromancer set and hopefully find a Phoenix)
-73 Hunter to try out some black chin hunting

My stats as of 3/10/2017

PM's always open looking forward to new ideas and feedback on my current goals king

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Re: Helldiver's Road to the Top

Post by Valdin on Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:17 pm

grats on 99 ranged!
Looking forward to following your progress Very Happy

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Re: Helldiver's Road to the Top

Post by Moon Light on Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:48 am

Gzz on 99 range! Very Happy really nice and interesting goals you have, looking forward to seeing you succseed

Moon Light
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Re: Helldiver's Road to the Top

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