Old School Q&A - Feb. 2 2017 (Main Points)

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Old School Q&A - Feb. 2 2017 (Main Points)

Post by Shandong on Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:27 pm

I apologize for any mistakes. Please correct if needed! Thanks Very Happy 

Can farming patches treated with fertile soil be colored differently from regular soil?

Currently two main sources of food are from fishing and PVM, why not make hunter a third source? 
Looking into Hunter providing a new food source. 

Can we take hunting activities from raids and put it into main game? 
Yes, possibly. 

Perhaps hunter food will give different effect aside from just healing (heals some HP, also cures poison). Potions as food, effective healing over time, every two seconds. 

There are currently no imps that spawn in wildy. What if imps could spawn there that were larger? 
Wlldy rejuvination idea, potential for this. If this is going to be the case, you need to be risking something, to avoid bare-handed catching carrying no risk. Have specific items of certain value on you that would attract the implings, if you don't have them then they disappear/don't spawn.

Will we see a next phase of Zeah update soon? Achievement diary and/or quests?
Looking into adding expansion to west side of Zeah. Achievement diary will come when continent is complete. Still being built, expanded. 

Make the follow player option work around obstacles the way the trade option works. 
Might not be good for PVP scenarios. Will look into it. 

Will Nightmare Zone be revisited? 
Will look into polishing graphics of nmz, their bosses and environment. Could improve interfaces. 

Could agility obstacle be added for the white tree in garden of tranquility? 

Blast Furnace post-update: Breaks too often and impacts efficiency. No reward for fixing. Want rewards. Make hammer wieldable for weapons slot. 

Issue with wieldable hammers.... tedious job, would take up too much dev time. Increasing crafting xp for repairing would have to be isolated to the official BF world. Will look into buffing xp rates. 

Any thoughts on raids expansion? 
Yes. Not sure when, but devs plan to expand. Depends on budget, small budget and time means expanding only Xeric. More budget and time can lead to new raids dungeon entirely. Perhaps in a different region of map. Doesn't have to take place in caves, could take place on the sea. Biggest difficulty is rewards. Figuring out what to add, what to leave out.

Have the piano in the altar room be playable. Allow others to hear it if others have music turned on. 
Want to add piano, sounds fun. Possibly add ability to shut piano lid, or be able to approve individual players and remove those you don't want playing. Kieren wants to add it. 

Can you increase amount of charges trident can hold? 
Devs don't see a problem doing that. 

Would it be possible to expand grand exchange history? 
Ash says maybe another five or ten items. Beyond that would require engine work. 

Please reduce penalty time after dying in BH. Trying to limit emblem farming this way. 
Will save for PvP poll coming up. 

Can we get POH portal for BH target teleport? 

Rooftop agility has made other agility content dead. Can we increase marks of grace drops on rooftops, decreasing xp, while increasing xp on other methods. Rooftops for graceful, other methods for xp.  
Will be looking into this.

Can there be more design streams? 
Will be more when designing Fossil Island. 

What percent of active players are regular players, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, and Hardcore? 
93.32% - Normal 
5.17% - Iron 
0.9% - Ultimate
1.22% - Hardcore

Bounty Hunter farming proof was sent in, devs looking into possible solutions to prevent emblem farming. 

Can lizardmen shaman fangs get expanded use? Raids give them as reward, but no use other than occasional teleport. 
New arrowhead, possibly. Devs are interested in expanding their use. 

Suggestion: Lunar spell, destroy item. 
Devs will look into it. 

Shift click drop will be polled near end of February.

Can aiding be disabled in deadman? 
Will look into it. 

Would you consider releasing spaghetti code to developers in playerbase so they can get a shot at improving it? 
They will be releasing code for how Kingdom Management works. 

Make eagles peak a requirement to use box traps. 
They are looking into it. 

Make a huge agility course across Zeah? 

Please add a coast to Feldip Hills. The blackness on the map makes hunter training uncomfortable. 
Mod West may add coastline. 

Can we get underwater farming patch that can grow seaweed and other plants? 
Kieren likes it, might be added to Fossil Island. 

Has anyone received an Onyx from gem bag in Motherlode Mine yet? 
Don't think so - Kieren. 

Can Ironman get packs of soda ash to save time? 

Can Olm's melee hand hitbox be made smaller? 
They will look into it. 

Does bracelet of slaughter work against boss tasks? 
Don't think so. Could be changed to work on bosses, except for Jad. 

Will new teleport jewelry be in player house jewel box in future?
Will be looked into, a possible separate jewelry box. 

Will fossil island have room for new boss? 
Potentially. Still deciding on what kind of boss to implement. Taking community suggestions.

Players want to make sure they don't get falsely banned for harassment. 
You wont get banned, you get a warning first. In addition, it pertains to players who are intentionally following players around game, clearly negatively impacting their game experience. 

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