[P2P] Starting Out Guide for getting money.

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[P2P] Starting Out Guide for getting money.

Post by Ninjaskillzc on Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:57 am

I've been sitting in this cc whilst afking NightMare Zone and I've seen a few comments on how do I get money, look at my stats ect..

I've never had lots of money, I think 10M OSRS is my highest?

I have, however, always had money making schemes ready for when I do require money.

Method #1 - Farming

Level Required for money to be made: 32 (Ranarrs).
How long it takes to get this level: Not long, about a week if you farm every day when they have regrown and you quest some of it.
Things Recommended: Fairy Tale Part 1 - Growing Pains (Magic Secateurs), quests that unlock extra patches (not as necessary). The Magic Secateurs means that you yield extra crops.
How easy is it to do: Very, click intensive for 5 to 10 minutes depending on how fast you are, leave it until it grows for hours depending on what you are growing.
Money made (out of 10): 7.783222222/10.

Method #2 - RuneCrafting

Level Required for money to be made: 44 (Nature Runes).
How long it takes to get this level: RuneCraft isn't the fastest skill, but doing Fire Runes with Duel Arena teleports makes it quite fast.
Things Recommended: Elemental Workshop I for the shield, sub quests needed is the Abyss Miniquest for the Abyss, dragonhide, high defence, a pickaxe, glory and the best rune pouches you can use.
How easy is it to do: It's click intensive and some people find it boring, but it can get you 750K/hr at the mid to high levels on single natures.
Money made (out of 10): 9/10.

Method #3 - Dailies.

NMZ Herb Boxes (Requires 5 bosses from NightMare Zone to be unlocked and a certain amount of points, can buy 15 a day and makes a profit, hardly any start up money required).
Zaff Staffs (With Varrock Diaries it gets better, can buy each day just after you log on and do your farm run, very easy, good money once sold to the Grand Exchange, requires hardly any start up money).
Can't think of any more currently. Very quick and not click instensive at all, very useful.
Money Made: 8.25/10.

Hope this helps all that are complaining about re-building/being hacked/no money/no stats ect.

Please comment corrections/more dailies or good low requirement methods and send anyone in the live chat that is complaining to read this Razz .


~ Ninja.
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Re: [P2P] Starting Out Guide for getting money.

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:13 am

Good Guide.


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