I could use some advice...

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I could use some advice...

Post by Breya on Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:22 am

Hello friends, Mysphyted here.  

Before you keep reading, please know i'm not looking for a pity party.
You've probably heard this a million times but please bear with me... several months ago I started staking. Predictably, I eventually lost everything. I lost everything many times. I feel like I have no one to talk to about this, and it's really troubling me. Even when I was up it didn't make me happy (close to 1B at one point). So I started giving it away and hosting frequent drop parties in the clan. The high points were melancholy and some of the low points were indescribably depressing. Losing everything again and again promotes a dangerous self-degrading mindset. You think to yourself, "how could I be so stupid". When in reality you would have lost it all again eventually. As I type this I have nothing in my bank but quest and mini-game items and I'm not sure what to do. Part of me wants to just quit and never look back. Another part of me really cares about this game and this community. The thought of staking again sickens me, but so does the thought of starting from scratch. Anyways, if you don't hear from me i'm taking a step back for a bit to think things through.

Sorry for being so dramatic,
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Re: I could use some advice...

Post by Fe Faerie on Fri Nov 04, 2016 10:53 am

Hi Mysphyted you are very much cared for in this community and seeing you hurting is hard I am sure for a lot of us. One because we are helpless unless you share your highs and your lows and two because we have all felt this way at one time or another and it's not a fun feeling.
I hope you seek positive friends and family for guidance and start filling those empty spots with fun stuff. I am not very good with my words but I am empathetic and I want to give you hugs and feed you. My chats always on for anything even if you need a little cheering up, I'm a dork so that ought to help.
A few cc members have a little experience with staking losses and the same highs and lows. I once took a step back and a break on rs when my feelings and choices were not on track with my life-goals. Whatever your path God bless you on it, chin up you are awesome!! Smile
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Re: I could use some advice...

Post by Kaninka on Sat Nov 05, 2016 9:04 am

A lot of people joke about Staking addictions, and laugh while they say "Just walk away".

But it is actually a real addiction, like real life gambling. Just like IRL gambling you get this rush, which is hard to describe for people who haven't experienced it.
I have a friend who had an extreme case of gambling, it was IRL money mostly. I introduced him to Runescape, and to no surprise he started staking too. I thought it was better for him to stake in Runescape than IRL anyways.

I am happy to hear your issue is only ingame, it is more manageable ingame. Your issue is that you are addicted to the rush and I believe you have experienced it so much that it just doesn't work anymore, the way it used to. But you want to keep doing it, because you probably still want to, either because of habit or hope of regaining the real rush.

I have never staked, because money I get too easily feels fake. If I through no effort whatsoever suddenly gained 1 Billion, it would feel so worthless to me, and I would feel it was wasted to own so much. Because of that I work for my money, be it through smart investments, skills or secret tricks, knowing that my bank is created by me, not by luck, is a very unique feeling.

What you need to do, is regain a rush, but not through staking. (Because that will lead you down a self-destructive road, where not even winning is enough)
Some people get their rush from PKing, others get it from working towards a goal and achieving it, or PVMers who get from receiving the good drops.

I cannot tell you what you need to do, you gotta figure that out yourself, but I am sure most people in the Clan, wouldn't mind listening or talking if you want that. We are all human, with our different experiences, sharing a common hobby in this game.
Starting over may suck, but if you want, I can make you the same deal I made with a former clannie:
I will give you the means to get 32 Farming, and then I will loan you 60 ranarr seeds for farming ranarrs.
And you give me the seeds back after you have planted all of them and sold the ranarrs for profit. Those 60 seeds will give you a rebuild of 2mil profit.

I do not want to fund your staking, but I have no issues funding a starting method for you to be able to return to wealth and gain a good rebuilding method Smile bounce

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Re: I could use some advice...

Post by Positivity on Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:34 am


I want you to know your not alone bro!

Myself and I'm sure MOST of the osrs community have gone through this! - The highs and lows from staking are hard for anyone to pull themselves out of!

For me, eventually I hit rock bottom. Quit for awhile. And then came back into the game with a certainty that staking wasn't for me.
I focus on every other aspect of the game, and have built a bigger net worth now than I ever did when I staked! - it's been a long, grueling journey - which is why it's been so rewarding!

Enjoy every step. It's the journey not the destination!
Love you man and am here for you in any way you need!


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Re: I could use some advice...

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:34 am

I hate staking.


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