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Post by Advice Bot Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:36 pm

Hello All, before this section existed, a few of you PMed me suggestions. I will post them here so they can be reviewed and discussed.

1) "A way to play or gamble vs others for their offsite points"

This is a bit tricky. Given the limited capabilities of the forum, I am not sure how effectively this could be pulled off. I do know it would have to go through the RNG dice system. As far as dice go, all I can do is create a new dice roll, pick the number of faces, and add images to each face. The only way to make this work would be to either:

a) Create a Two-Sided die where either #1 or #2 is rolled. This would determine the victor. I would send it in as "Player A #1 vs Player B #2." Whichever player has their number come up would win.

b) Create a larger die with 99 faces. Dice roll would determine damage dealt. "Player A Top vs Player B Bottom." Most damage would win.

Unfortunately, there isn't a snazzy way to go about the PvP. This is all I can think of.

2) "Bring back Strawpolls for events"

Strawpolls were essentially discontinued over the lack of participation from all types of account-groups. It eventually ended up where PvMers were the only voters, so every event was PvM-based. The skillers got a bit upset. If everyone helps spread the word to vote, I think I would be fine giving them a second chance.

3) "More weekday events"

For me personally, I do not have the flexibility that some do, when it comes to playing. All I can say to this is remember that events can be hosted by anyone. If you'd like to go to KBD, Bandos, Skill Together, or do something else, just ask the cc! I am sure many others will be happy to join you.


Thanks for sending suggestions in over PM. With this new section of the forum, feel free to keep them coming, but please post them in this section of the forum. Laughing bounce Very Happy


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Suggestions I've Received: Empty Re: Suggestions I've Received:

Post by 25 gp Sat May 27, 2017 11:08 pm

Not sure what this forum is running on, but I've seen some other various forum point systems and maybe it'd be better to migrate over to a new point plugin that will allow us to gamble points
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