Have Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Feedback? Please read.

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Have Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Feedback? Please read.

Post by OSRS Hailey on Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:39 pm

Hello All,

I have created this section of the forums to act as an area where members are able to post their ideas for the clan.

As a general rule, this section of the forum is not meant as a spot to flame staff, rant about others, complain, or show signs of disrespect. Such posts will be moved to the Basket.

This section IS meant as a floor to provide your ideas. You can suggest changes to the clan, ask questions, provide feedback, or voice a concern, ALL AS LONG AS IT IS RESPECTFUL TO YOUR PEERS.

As a reminder, our most important clan rule is:

I - Respect ALL clan members, regardless of rank, age, or opinions.

You are definitely welcome to voice an opinion, but please remember to do so maturely and in a neutral manner.

If you would like to say something, please create a NEW TOPIC.

If a change is suggested, you are all welcome to discuss it. Remember, these are simply suggestions which the Sr. Staff will discuss. Not all suggestions will be implemented, but they will all be given a chance for consideration.

Thank you and I look forward to reading your thoughts!
OSRS Hailey
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