6Goddess Progress

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6Goddess Progress

Post by Devilette on Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:33 pm

Before I left RS for about 16 months I planned out a Range tank.
Now that that isn't a plan anymore I decided to call my account a 6god.
Originally: 75/70/99. That part is the same, but now instead of 52 prayer, which I broke, I want 85.
I want to get the Achievement Diary! I came back and got the quest cape in about a week.
I still have a lot of levels to gain, and I'm not no-lifing the diaries either. I'm still working on Range and Defense. I do 90% of my combat training through slayer. I really can't wait to get 85 slayer.
I slowly am doing prayer, I don't have mills to drop on it; so It's a process.
We'll see how it goes.

My current levels:

At:75  HP:87  Mi:60
St:70  Ag:72  Sm:65
D:94   Hb:72  Fi:62
Rn:83  Th:58  Ck:72
Pr:53   Cr:62  FM:56
Mg:75  Fl:78  WC:79
RC:52  Sl:72  Fa:65
Cn:53  Hn:40  TOTAL 1556

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Re: 6Goddess Progress

Post by kamika on Thu Oct 29, 2015 2:45 pm

EDIT: Very Happy
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Re: 6Goddess Progress

Post by Kaninka on Thu Oct 29, 2015 8:32 pm

Diary cape is an awesome goal, even if you aren't nolifing it Wink
I fully support the choice of training combat through Slayer, I do the same, and it just makes combat that more fun (and less xp waste :p )

Looking forward to the progress ! Very Happy


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Re: 6Goddess Progress

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:34 am



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