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Pk options

Post by parkour282 on Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:25 am

Hello, after few years of retirement I started playing runescape again. (old-school version)

I have an account with such stats (account's combat level is 80):
50 atk
53 str
70 def
76 range
44 pray
84 magic
66 hp

I would love to try Pk with this account but I am not sure if I would be able to stand against similar cmb level opponents. Now I am not a member but I have 3m in my bank so I can buy a Bond and upgrade my membership.

But firstly I want to know what are my possibilities as a f2p pker? Probably switch between range/magic? What gear should I use? Maybe there are any useful guides/youtube videos?

If this account is broken for f2p pking please tell me about the possibilities as a p2p pker. How can I make advantage of this acc?

Lastly, if you think that I must level up some skills before going to pk, pls tell me exactly. For example, "you should get 76->80 range and 44->52 pray". I would really appreciate it. Hope someone could help me to find the answers.


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Re: Pk options

Post by D A D D Y A F on Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:05 pm

Your account isn't really good for F2P pking since you have 70 defence but low attack and strength, but in P2P i think you could be a really good range tank or just range mage bridding.

But i would say that you train up your range more and magic to for example, 94 for barrage/vengence, or then you could just go full out 70 def and train the rest to 80+. Like a "barrows pure".

This is all i can think off, hope it helps! Smile You should also ask people in the CC! They know alot about pking =)


You posted this from an quest account, so if you want to you can register and you'll get a Smiley rank and with dedication to the clan achieve higher ranks, be able to participate in our lotteries, be able to get offsite forum points, and have a chance at getting some high valued items!
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