All you need to know about Crack-The-Clue

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All you need to know about Crack-The-Clue

Post by Ninjaskillzc on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:46 pm

Quick FAQ:

Q: What is crack the clue? A: Crack the clue is an event that any player can join in with in or out of game, throughout the course of the five weeks this event started there have been four clue maps, each leading to a different location, and digging at these respective places gives you the clue hunter gear, which is Members-Only and will be in game forever. Finding the fifth location using Mod Mat K's/Mod Kieren's hints will lead you to the Helm of Raedwald, where there will be a global announcement once it is found (suspected highly) and your name will be in the examine text FOREVER.

Q: Has the helm been found yet? A: NO!

Q: Where can I find all these infomation such as the hints and previous clue locations. A: /r/cracktheclue on Reddit or there official Google Docs page on the matter: . Hope this helps.

Q: But Raedwald was a real person! Should we use that historical infomation? A: It has been confirmed that Raedwald is NOT SUPPOSED to be known for this.

Q: But WOOX WON. A: I agree.

Q: Where is the Helm of Raedwald (shout out to Kanika and Exo for this) A: Obviously we don't know or we wouldn't be hunting for it.

Q: What's the point of having this gear? A: Well, first off it looks cool, second of all it counts as warm clothing to help you against the Wintertodt boss.

If you have any more questions please give them down below in the comments.

What is the main bits of information we should know before hunting the Helm?

Well, please read the Google Document for more information.

Here is the main points:

- It is a member's only object, but that DOESN'T MEAN it is in a member's only area.
- A level 3 account fresh off Tutorial Island could get it in minuites - MMK.
- A level 3 IronMan account fresh off Tutorial Island could get it in about 30 Minuites - MMK (off the top of my head, please check the docs).
- 10N 5W (-- spelt like that, is found when re-arranging the lines and thetas (symbols in the corners) of the clues, this is not confirmed to be anything like 10 North - 5 West, but is important in solving the clue, obviously.
- Many of you may know that Woox perfectly lined up the thetas, trees and lines of the four clues used to find the other items, to point to the unaccessable island with the thetas landing on the Nature Rune's spawn. Mod Kieren has said that "Nature Rune" is important. I put "" on that for a reason, as that could be a clue. However, I BEG YOU NOT TO GO DOWN THE "NATURE RUNE" route.
- The Helm is in game since Week Five of the event, and doesn't have any requirements other than an action and digging, see next point.
- Mod Kieren said that MASS-DIGGING on every tile in the game WON'T GIVE YOU THE HELM, however digging is how you get it, this means that you must do an action/drop an item/do something that a level 3 can do (see other point) and then dig in order to get the helm.
- Clan Chat "Margins" is the Offical Crack-The-Clue Clan Chat.

These are the main points as far as I can remember. The document should be more helpful. Thanks for reading this and I hope this helps any of you that were confused. Cya and comment any questions/improvements.

~ Ninja #WooxWon

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